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 Addicted Pkers.

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PostSubject: Addicted Pkers.   Sat Sep 11, 2010 5:51 am

Welcome, This is the Clan : Addicted Pkers.

General :
- FatalClaws

Lieutenant :

- Open.
- Open.

Official Officers :

- Open.
- Open.

Members :

- Open.
- Open.
- Open.
- Open.

Clan Pic :


Note : The pic was made by me by Photoshop CS4.
I am a good pic maker, unfortunately i don't make alot.
If you want, i can make you one but that's an if.

I have used the Positions of a real army, that is because :
Hopefully we will have clan wars.
Better layout.
Easier promoting and demoting way.

Requirements :

99 Str.
60 Attack.
(Any def, prefer 1)
(Any range, Prefer 70)
(Any mage, prefer 85)
(Any pray, prefer 30)

If you can, get a skill up to 99 that has nothing to do with combat such as Woodcutting.
^ Just to look cool?

Thanks - General Claws.

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Addicted Pkers.
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